What is the price tag on a good beginner flute?

I have played a lot of different instruments besides the flute. What I have found out is that even though you are buying a beginner instrument you have to go above a sudden price point to get a good instrument.

A lot of people give the advice to go for a cheap flute to see if playing the flute is something for you. Then later on you can upgrade, I think this is the wrong approach. When you are starting out playing an instrument it is very important that it is fun and easy to get started. One of the cheapest options will most of time be just the opposite - hard to play and not sounding that great.

Cheap flutes will often give you a lot of problems

This is especially true when it comes to modern flutes. The modern classical flute has at lot of mechanical parts that all have to work perfect, in order to get the joy and results that you want. If you choose one of the cheapest options a lot of problems can arise.

  • The pads may not be completely air tight making it literally impossible to play the flute
  • The springs that control the pads may snap after playing for a few weeks
  • Mechanical parts may brake and you could easily end up spending more on repairs than you did on buying the flute
  • A cheap flute is often not manufactured precisely enough and the tones will therefore not be in perfect pitch, even though they are played correctly

What is a good price range when buying a beginner flute?

A good staring point for beginner flutes is around $500- $1200. In this price range you can get very good instruments that you can play for years to come. The right flute bought in the $500 - $1200 price range can sound amazing in the hands of a good flute player. In the section recommended flutes for beginners you can find some of the best flutes in the price range mentioned above.

"A famous flute player once held a master class on playing the flute. The students wanted to know if their flutes were of good enough quality to play all the famous flute pieces. The famous flute player ended up playing up all of the students' flutes one by one and concluded that all of the student flutes could sound excellent. They just had to be played the right way"

Why is the price range so extreme, when it comes to flutes?

Making a good flute a very demanding process. Listed above are just some of the things that have to be done right to make a good sounding and playable flute. If you buy a flute $50 flute you will not get a playable instrument and you a better of saving up to get a decent beginner flute. Making a good $50 flute is simply impossible and should be seen as nothing but a scam.

Paying $20.000 is extreme in the other direction and only as a professional or being a player for many years, you will be able to appreciate all of the little perfections the more expensive instruments have to offer.

A flute in the $500- $1200 range will be much easier to sell used

Should you find out that playing the flute is not you, a flute you have paid less than $500 for will be very hard to sell used. A flute bought in the $500- $1200 range will be much easier to get rid of and you will therefore be able to get some of your money back.

The flute is an amazing instrument and reselling will probably not bet the case -but then you can just be happy because you spend the extra money and now have a great flute for years to come.